Walk with A and D

Jump with W

Attack with S

Slow time with Q / Speed up time with E

Update(09.03): I added exports for all major platforms - these contain a fix for player movement which was not in the originally uploaded version. The original upload without the fix is available as Export.zip.

Update(12.03): I also added an extra section and messed around with player movement to make it feel better.

Update (13.03): Fixed the fatal crash in Windows version / added post processing - but it doesn't work on the browser game, only on the downloadable ones :S

Credits: Done entirely by me using the Godot game engine and GIMP for assets.

I had to cut out about 35% of the intended content - including all of the sound assets :(

But I'm still quite happy with the outcome, as usually I cut far more corners when the deadline hits.

GitRepo available here: https://github.com/ktosox/miniJam_49


Export.zip 7 MB
Linux_v_1_3.zip 16 MB
MAC_v_1_3.zip 16 MB
Windows_v_1_3.zip 15 MB


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Game looks awesome, never played anything like that before. That't a pity that i can't play it for more than 20 sec.
Don't forget to export without debug, because this console is for you not for players.
I bet this game coud be good, but i can't check it out.

I'm terribly sorry for not dealing with this earlier and extremely grateful that you took the time to notify me of this issue. There is no terminal nor fatal crash in the latest version.